Thursday, March 08, 2007

Joke of the day

Well, it's not really a joke "joke". This morning in rounds, one of the staff told us about the priest who is a patient on one of our wards. He is awaiting a procedure and has been put on restricted intake. He was told he would have a "light" breakfast. When the staff member opened the tray, there was only 2 juice cups. The priest saw this and said.. well, I guess they really did mean "light". When I heard this, I replyed that had I been there I probably would have responded with "well, it is lent. Aren't you fasting?"

Most people thought this was funny. Fasting is not a practice that I could/would partake. The point of fasting is to abstain from too much. You would take in only what you need to survive. Lent is a time when we prepare our minds, soul, and body for the coming of Easter by denying ourselves certain items that give us pleasure. Often food, hence fasting. I read a book where the author describes her obsession with books. Lives, sleeps on books, literally. So she was challenged to give up reading books for Lent, and to this day, she claims that she continues this practice for every Lent.

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