Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So I went back to work after being on vacation for 3 weeks. There was a notice for a "chocoholic's buffet" on the door of one of my units. I commented that it looked good only to be told that it had been on Saturday and the woman talking regrets eating so much there. I lamented that I miss the fun things that my staff members do together. The same woman later mentions that I should come the next time they go on a "food run", which will be a swanky hotel. But the condition was that we have to bring at least 5 "hunkalious men" with us.
I looked at her a little annoyed. "I'm married and I'm clergy. Where am I going to find someone to fit that description?" "Well you'd better get looking then.."

We walk to the other end of the nursing station where another woman is sitting. She is not often on our unit and I commented to her... "Never know what you're in for when you come up here eh? Does it make you wonder what kind of people you work with?" She smirked.

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