Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life's Lesson # 3064

Did you ever notice that some times a certain theme recurs in a short time span? Things you see on TV, or read, news or conversation will revovle around a certain topic or theme. Sometimes that is just what we are focused on but I wonder if it isn't God's way of telling us something.

Yesterday a "lesson" or "truth" was reiterated for me at work. A frustrating one at that. People come to you and say they want help, but not the help you have to offer. They want it a certain way and when they don't get it that way.. they get upset. (Which some times upsets me because I want to help them, but they don't like what I have to offer and I have to remember not to take it personally, but when you are in the helping profession, it is hard to detach your "Self" from this profession.)

Sometimes, when people are frustrated from things not going their way, they get angry and take it out on the people nearest them. Unfortunately, that messes up relationships especially if something happens at work, or school and then you take it home to the family or some other "innocent" person.

And you know all of these things in your head, but it hard not to be emotionally invovled with a situation at the time. One of those hazards of the helping profession from time to time I guess.

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