Friday, February 22, 2008

Life's Lesson #3964

A quote I found says.. conversation and dialogue are not the same thing. Today I learned another one of life's lessons. I was on a break with a co-worker and we were talking about life and work. I re-learned a lesson about the use of jargon. Every group or discipline has one. We were talking about income tax, and RRSPs. I mentioned that I get tax break because I am clergy when the other person started counting off her fingers.."what is clergy? what is chaplain? What's a congregation? what is reverend?" And I thought to myself.. you're kidding right? Oh yeh. I forgot. I'm taking it for granted that everyone else has had my experiences and hence understood what I do. I paused a bit too long in trying to answer as I haven't had to explain terminology in a while. I'm used to not understanding all of the jargon in my workplace, but it is different when directly asked about seemingly "simple" terms, and yet failing to put into words what that means.
This conversation seems to be ongoing as spirituality and God aren't always on the periphery of the thoughts of others even though it permeates mine. Some acknowledge but have no words for it, while others never contemplate.

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Marshall said...

So often we are as close to "clergy" as many of our coworkers have. They may decide that other clergy might be worthwhile as we turn out to be worthwhile, but in the meantime we are the resource they trust. I have a few folks from whom I receive questions - lately, as might be expected, "What is Lent all about? What was it with the ashes?" I do my best both to provide information, but also to honor the spirit that asks.