Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Commentary on Newspaper articles

This is an article from today's paper. And people wonder why we aren't more friendly in today's society.

Man stabbed after saying friendly hello on Toronto bus

Linda Nguyen
Canwest News Service
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
A 30-year-old man who was stabbed three times Monday did nothing wrong but say hello to his attacker on a public transit bus, Toronto police say.
"This attack was unprovoked. It was a very weird thing," Toronto police Det. Jim Brons said Tuesday. "There's nothing that the victim could have done. It was a very isolated incident."
Brons, who has been with the force for 20 years, said it's the first case of its kind he's worked on in the city.
Investigators say the man and the suspect were passengers on a transit bus in the city's north end Monday.
The two were sitting side by side when they made eye contact.
"The victim was going to work and the suspect got on the bus afterwards," he said. "The suspect looked at the victim and the victim decided to say hi to him. He didn't respond. Ten minutes later, the suspect blew up at him and asked him why he said hi when they didn't know each other."
Brons said the victim apologized while the two men were still on the bus. He apologized again, telling the suspect that he meant nothing by the greeting when he got off the bus around 12:30 p.m.
"He apologized to him on the bus and looked straight forward, hoping the guy didn't get off with him," he said. "But when they both got on the sidewalk, the suspect took out a knife and stabbed him three times. Then he didn't even run away. He just walked off like nothing happened."
The man fell to the ground after he was stabbed on the side of his body. He was taken to hospital and received numerous stitches.
"He's doing relatively well," Brons said. "But he's absolutely shocked at what happened. Who would expect something like this to happen when you're riding the bus to work?"
Brons said not much could have been done to prevent the incident. "Who would think that you would say hi to someone and that someone would react in this way?" Police are looking for a six-foot, two-inch black male, aged 18 to 20.

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