Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Psalm for what has been Lost

One day at work, we were asked to write our own psalm. The following is about dementia and based on Psalms 30, " Joy comes in the morning" and a line from Anne of Green Gables, "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.”

A Psalm for What has been Lost.
Cry to the LORD for what has been lost
I cry to the earth in the sweet dew of morning
Fresh and new I see
Erased are the errors of yesterday
Erased are the mistakes and pain of yesterday
Starting new and fresh each day – full of hope,
Anxious to see what this day shall bring.
I cry to the LORD for what has been lost
Gone are the times of innocence and play.
Gone is my childhood.
Gone is my heart full of naivety
Gone is the security of his loving arms.
But fresh are the memories … the memories… do they stay?
Gone are the memories of yesterday – the joy of gatherings, the security of loving space.
Gone is the ability to recall the past, full of joy, full of life & light
Gone is the life with the man I once knew.
Fresh each morning I start the day
Gone are the faces I once loved and trusted
Fresh each morning are the hopes and fears – fears of knowing there is something I have forgotten, fear of remembering …
only to loose it the moment that it comes.
I cry to the Earth for the memories given through sight, smell and sound.
I know I have been here before.
I cry to the LORD for that which has been lost, …
Am loosing…
Is going…
Fresh each morning I start the day.
Gone is my pain, my trials, my memories…
Gone is the fear of knowing what is to come.
Now is the Strength that I have from You.
Fresh comes the morning, fresh comes the fear of what is to come .. but only for a moment.. It is death. She waits…
Fading memories bring times of anguish and frustration
The word that is gone from my tongue… I knew it once.
The face that I see.. the name that is lost deep in my heart.
I cry to the LORD for that which is lost
I hope for the morning – fresh each day is the hope.
LORD be with me I pray.
Of all the things that I have lost,
Your presence remains.

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