Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fighting with computers

Man these things are SUPPOSED to make your life easier but I wonder... I have spent the past 2 weeks fighting with my computer both at work and at home. I have written a blog about my frustrations with elevators twice only to loose the darn thing because I'm still not sure about using this blog stuff!! ARGH!
At work, I have been doing a database/membership list which was painstaking and tedious. I finally finished it last night after 2 weeks of working on it daily. In the course of doing so, I learned why there wer so many problems... alot of typos from previous database owners, and misinformation in general.. hence emails would bounce.. etc.
Somedays, I think that the computer takes me away from my "real" job of dealing one-on-one with people. Or maybe I am supposed to be in administration... I don't know. (That's what my personality profile said, as per Myers-Briggs but I think that would make my life more frustrating. Having to deal with politics and bureaucracy would not be a good fit for me.
I will rewrite my elevator thing later when I'm not so annoyed with the loosing blogs things .In the meantime, check out.

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