Friday, April 07, 2006

The Horrible MOH mistake aka Wedding Blunder ala moi

So yesterday I was on MSN with my sister for a few minutes before work. Just wanted to tell her that our mother got here safe from the other end of the country and I walked into my wedding nightmare!! I won't bore you with the conversation details, but basically it

Her: your friend has been sending me emails
Me: you don't like it?
Her: no no they're a bit interesting
me: meaning?
Her: well they make it sound as if you are telling her one thing and me another thing, but I don't think that's the case and she keeps asking my permission for stuff--what exactly did you tell her about me?
Me: no that's how she is... what kind of stuff is she asking permission about? wedding stuff or buying stuff?
Her: just about which wedding stuff she can look after ... she mentioned once that she is maid of honor I think
Me: yes she is
Her: well you had told me that I am so you are telling us different things ... I don't care
but you shouldn't tell two ppl the same thing .... you will start telling me the truth and her the truth
Me: uh.. I'm sorry butI don't think I ever told you that you were the matron of honor .. it has always been jenn Her: no you told me
Me: I had asked if you wanted to be in the wedding...
Her: and I said I didn't have to be moh and I didn't but you never told me otherwise
Me: well I'm sorry for that... I thought you understood
Her: no I am only going by your words how can I understand what you don't say

Then I reviewed my emails history and I realized that when she said she didn't have to be a "maid" I assumed she meant "bridesmaid" and she meant "maid of Honor". So.. now I have 2 MOHs. And you can't unask someone.. So while looking for MOB dresses with my mother, I asked the saleswoman if she had heard anything this wacky of all the weddings she's been invovled with. She said no.. that this was a first, but suggested that I keep them as both MOH but one (sister) signs the registry as witness (Sister -because she is family) and the other (Jenn) will do the toast. Now I have to explain this to them. Ugh.


MrsMKToronto said...

Hey you--this is not a wedding nightmare--at least where I am concerned as I am STILL LAUGHING AT YOU!!

You goof!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

Btw all my interviews went well ttyl

Anonymous said...

I love it. Two MOH. Are they both married? I have heard of having both a Matron of Honour and a Maid of Honour... I love that you are getting married and I love that you are so loved that you have two Maids of Honour who both love you and want to stand for you.

Love you Kat.

Keep Posting!!!

~ Jenna