Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How to feel like a Princess... or... I PUT ON MY DRESS TODAY!!

I put on
my dress today!!!
Of course this is not it... but that is how I felt!! Like a princess!! The woman who fitted me for my dress in January is no longer there, but she had written on the receipt that I get a free veil. Luckily, the current staff are going to honor that and I got to pick out a veil. $200 worth for free!! It is Ivory like my dress and laced with crystals and pearls... I love it. It is not a blusher as I originally thought I wanted, but I am not 20 .... so it is better for me.
I brought my shoes that I intend to wear and the women made me walk around to see whether I wanted it hemmed. I am tall enough that I don't need it, nor do I want a bustle. I think it would look weird. *Sigh* Of course, this is not my Cinderella dress of dreams... nor is there a cathedral length train on the dress or veil. But I love it..
Now I really have to hit the gym.. and work on my flabby arms. I have lost a dress size since my original choosing of this dress and I can try to do more. I was alone when I picked it and I was alone when I saw it again. I did ask them to take a picture for me so I can send it to my mom. I'm so pleased with myself that it is a surprise as normally I am not good at keeping good news to myself!!
On Friday, the "inlaws" are coming and we will all go see OUR house again. I can't wait to move in!! Too many exciting things happening .... how can I focus on work?

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