Thursday, December 14, 2006

I lost it... I mean misplaced...

What a day!! I had an appointment at 8am downtown, so I had to get up early. I was about to leave and I could not find my hearing aid!! We looked everywhere!! I had it last night. I remember I had it in my hand while talking to sweetie.. and then I don't know. We were doing so many things trying to get things in order for our trip but I don't know where it is. So I went to the appointment, came home and hunted again. Did not find it. Went to work late. And it was a wierd day from there. Came home and looked in every room again. My colleagues are convinced it is in the washing machine... it is not. We never went near the laundry room yesterday. We have looked everywhere... it is not in pockets as I was not wearing any pcokets at the time. It is not on the floor, under dressers, couches, beds, etc.. Not in the kitchen, not in the garbage... have NO idea where it is and we are going to my mother's for a week. I suppose I can function without it. I am not deaf, but it is inconvenient. I'm sure it will show up when we pack. In the meantime, I feel like a part of me is missing... (like when you don't where your glasses, watch or ring...)

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