Saturday, December 09, 2006

Irony or coincidence

Today I am at work. Saturday is quiet compared with the normal weekday. Since the moment I arrived, I have been paged off my feet. I have been thinking about the irony of some situations I have encountered. Of course, when I am paged, it is usually about death, or pending death. Today, I met a woman waiting at her husband's bedside. He may need to have his legs amputated.
How is it that people tend to lose the "one thing" that they love? Last year, a man who was a well known writer and theologian died of a brain hemorrage, or the story of Iris Murdoch, a writer who had dementia. Ironic, isn't that, that we lose what we use the most and sometimes take for granted.

I had an Aborginal patient tell me that a lot of physical ailments related to our spiritual/emotional ailments. There is a connection in the body that is astounding.

Back to the irony of living -- what do we do when we lose that ability or gift we were so dependant on? How do we go on? I guess this is the test of time and faith.

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