Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I spoke too soon

I am feeling somewhat better. My husband on the other hand.. experienced the joys of my weekend, however, unlike him, I woke up whenever he did. Which was frequently.

I think that the symptoms are mainly gone and now it is a matter of recovering. This morning I got a call from the Occupational Health and Safety Nurse, telling me that they did declare on outbreak and closed a ward in my charge yesterday. And then proceeded to tell me about the latest news written in the paper about said topic. So I can't go to work til Thursday. Fine with me. Now I have to clean up the house and disinfect what I was too sick to do before.

This morning, I was called by the family member of the "funeral" I am to do on the weekend. The patient passed this am, and the staff were paging me not realizing I was not there for the day. But they did call my secretary's office and got things straightened out. Luckily, I had done some work for this yesterday in helping with arrangements as they wish me to do the service and also to have it at my church. We'll see what goes on. Considering it will be on my "day" to work, it might be an issue. We'll see about this too.

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as life would have it said...

Good luck getting rid of that virus--I mean it! It sounds dreadful--another friend of mine had a it a few yrs ago & had to spend time in a hospital for dehydration...

Glad to hear your more up & around though!