Monday, April 23, 2007

Space in Between

In the end, it all comes down to what we think about this life here on earth. Isn't that it? We are all looking out the window to see what is coming into view. We are all waiting for ... something. Yesterday in Sunday's class, our group had a discussion related to our continuing series about the difficult questions in our Christian faith. The question we were to discuss was "how important is a belief in the afterlife?" Those of us present, about 12 of us, agreed that we believe in an afterlife-- that is there is a heaven and hell. We didn't really get around to discussing what we think heaven or hell is like, but instead spent our time discussing the impact that this belief has on this life here.
A point that I brought up is that we do not really discuss the "afterlife" or death until we have to (such as terminal illness, or deathbed) and at times, it can be too late as many unresolved issues surface and cannot be dealt with adequately. When these issues do surface, it is the perspective that we have about our death that puts our life in perspective. It is what we think about our death, where we will go, what happens when we die, that impacts the way we live our life. Hence we spend our time here in the Space in Between waiting until the end occurs. Waiting to be in the presence of God, wondering what it is like. But also wondering if it is how we imagine, wondering...
Looking out the window and waiting for something to come. for time to pass and the big event, or any event to occur.
But it is what we think lies at the end of the road that makes the waiting purposeful and with meaning. It is the end result that shapes how we live out the days of our life here in the space between.

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