Saturday, May 19, 2007

The stuff that life is made of...

I did not know this man, but his life and passing will affect my life and it will affect yours too. every person, regardless of how we know them, or don't, has a part to play in the order of things. It is unfortunate that he died and the way that his life ended. It is unfortunate that, quite often, we don't get to know the greatness, beauty and accomplishments of someone until they die. I often go to memorial services or funerals for people that I did not know very well, or at all, and I cry most of the time that I am there. Another beautiful soul that is gone, vanished from our existence/earth, and we will not get to tell them this. I regret that I did not get to know the person too well, either by default, or "I didn't have the time".
What makes this story more tragic, is that this man, Chris, lived with/took time to"deal with a broken heart." We are all broken people, but some of us are not given the chance or the choice to heal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for recognizing him Katherine - Chris was a client who became a very good friend. He represented the best of the best of people who are severely marginalized - he just wanted to be treated like a human being. I loved him and I miss him dearly.


ReverendKathryn said...

Check out Santosh's blog.. he posted first on a similar note.