Monday, July 02, 2007

From the mouth of babes ..

Yesterday in church, the minister started the sermon with a story. He said that he was at a meeting when one of the men told them of something his 5 year old daughter did.

She was sitting at the table for dinner. Her mother put 5 peas on her plates and told her that she had to eat them before she could have dessert. The mother left the room but watched the girl to see what she would do. The girl took the peas and hid them under the edge of her plate.
Her mother returned to the room and asked if the girl had finished her peas.
The girl replied. "Yes I did."
"Are you lying to mommy?"
"No, I not."
Her mother looks at her. "Does God think that you are lying to mommy?"
"Yes He does." came the reply.

At this point, the audience burst into laughter.

(The point of the illustration was to say that even a 5 year old knows what is right or wrong, but often we adults blur the lines.)

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