Thursday, August 02, 2007

And then it .. disappeared..

So, for those of you who are "regular" readers, you are probably wondering what happened... where did this blog go for the past 2 weeks? Why was it offline? Well it's not a bad thing... just made me think.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email asking if I would consent to an interview about chaplains who blog. The person was writing an article about chaplains and their use of technology, such as electronic charting. So they wanted to include me as I am Canadian and this would be for the American Association. So I thought about it and asked my boss what she thought of it. Her response was that she didn't think I should do the interview, nor should I be blogging. The concern was that some of the things I mention about my work might be misinterpreted by someone as being about them or friend or whatever, and we might get sued. Why is it that the world is SO concerned about suing? I mean that we should be concerned/aware of our actions, but why is our society having this mindset in the first place? If something isn't working, we throw it out. If a relationship is going south, we can just get a divorce. If we don't like our job, we get quit and get a new one. What ever happened to working it out? Persistence?

Any how, sorry for the mini rant.. but that is part of why/where I have been for the past two weeks.. I decided to edit the blog and remove the unnecessary stuff. Some of the early writings about the wedding, etc are still in there, but most of this is tailored for the "spiritual care" aspect... so ta for now until I think of something else to write.

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