Monday, September 18, 2006

... and they didn't tell me!!

On Friday, I was trying to log on to the network at work.. and couldn't. Oddly enough, I could do so at noon but not at 2 pm. The IT person was telling me that I had been typing in my password wrong and so it locked me out... or that I had "forgotten" my password. I don't think so.. a person doesn't forget something like that .. well not me. Well, the reason was explained this morning when I came to work. There was a note on my desk.. FYI from the departmental secretary. Email sent from IT telling me that they changed my user name to my married name so I may have some problems accessing email if I didn't know... NO!! I didn't know. HOW am I supposed to know my user name is changed when they send it to the "new" one? and don't tell me? The thing is that I was told I have to have my marriage certificate to change all this stuff so they had sent back my form requesting this and then do it ANYways... argh!!
So that ... was cool. My new name is official. Then I went to send an email. Someone asked for a file.. so I go to attach it and ... no files!! They transferred my email and FORGOT about my files that were on a separate drive. So interestingly enough, someone from IT showed up about 30 minutes after I report the problem and fixed it within an hour of my request. I guess the "oops, I did something" reports aren't too much of a priority but the "um, where's my files? that YOU lost" speaks louder on the priority list. Wierd how life works eh?

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