Friday, September 15, 2006

Hearing Things that People Didn't Say

Okay, so I sometimes hear people say things that they didn't. I don't mean body language or reading between the lines.. I mean that I hear them say this ... when they really said that! For those you who don't know, I have a hearing problem. I do not hear high pitches; last eight notes of the piano, nails on a chalkboard, birds, cell phones, pagers, certain female voices drive me crazy .. Mariah Carey, for example. So I heard my colleague say something that she did not.

I heard her say... "So I hear "Jane" (co-worker whose name is changed) has a new interest. His name is Alan." really. I said. Oh yeah. Oh yes, she went on. "For at least 6- 8 months." Really? I go. Is this person staff? My colleague gives me this wierd look and says "Who's Alan?" She goes.
"Her name is Anne." Oh really ... I say. For 6 months you say, hmm. That's interesting. (To myself, I'm thinking. she's dating a WOMAN?! Oh my, that's different. Oh well, everyone has a right to their own preferences." ) "Who's Alan?" She repeats. I looked at her and realize I have no idea what has been saying for the whole conversation. I'm sorry," I said. "Could you start over?" My colleague then said " She has a new intern. Her name is Jan". I was so embarassed. Then I told her what I thought she had said. We had a good laugh.

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