Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Odd week ... hope the next one is better

Well work has been a little wierd lately. Stressful at times due to "reconfiguring" of some staff positions, makes you wonder what/who is next.

So today, I did an inservice for 10 nursing students about what pastoral care is. I mentioned things like the morgue, spiritual assessment, misconceptions that people have about our work. Just last week, a patient asked me if I sent to see him beecause he is dying. Oh no. I had to tell him. I'm part of the team. You've been here a while and I haven't been able to meet you. That seemed to calm him down. But then he wanted to know what I was... what tradition. What box did he put me in? Was I there to preach at him, I suppose is what he wondered....

This weekend was hubby's bday. We had 15 people come to the house. It was good to have all the people come. Of course there were some that didn't make it, but that is to be expected considering the large number. I didn't cry over the ones that didn't come. More cake for us.

On Friday past, I went to a patient's wake. It wasn't a funeral and it wasn't really a memorial either. It was at the family's home. The man was in his 40's and had been in hospital on and off for a number of months/years. Even spending one or two of his bdays there. It was like a big party. Just what he would have wanted. He was always waiting for the next party/family gathering. It was good to go. The family really seemed to appreciate that I came. There were a few other staff from the hospital and residence where he lived as well. But it was a hard week overall and some stress. So far this week is going better.

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