Monday, October 09, 2006

And STILL.. nothing

You know what... I still don't have my marriage certificate. It has been 8 weeks and NO marriage certificate. So I got fed up and called the Vital stats in town to ask if I wasn't supposed to have one for free. Oh yes, it was mailed 2 weeks later. Well where is it? Hmm?
So they are sending a new one to the proper address. Finally!! I will be able to get stuff done. Luckily, work has changed my name and gotten me business cards without the certificate, but most other places, like the bank, credit card companies, etc, need to see a copy of it in order to change my name. I figure if I'm doing that then we would wait to add sweetie as POA or joint account holder. Too much red tape some times. Now we have to get a will, and change the bank accounts, credit cards, passports, etc. This should be fun (sarcasm) and yes, I do want to get rid of the old name. Although the new one is longer to spell and I forget a lot and sign my old name from time to time.

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MrsMKToronto said...

Hi from someone who used to work with the court systems and the provincial & feds on a reg. basis--you are sooooo at the mercy of the govern. workers there (re: your marriage certificate).

I wouldn't worry about the banks, etc, they are ok to wait--meanwhile you can always add yourself (legally) as your old last name & his name as though you were hyphenated if its a problem getting your $$ in & out.

After that, you can formally change your name with the feds offices. Check to see if you need certified copies with them-while you're waiting for the certificates--you can save your $$--its about $16/pp--and you can have that done at your local court house through the provincial identifications counter (i.e. Birth certificates; marriage & death are all in the same place).