Monday, October 23, 2006

What a day!! I can't remember when I've had a worse day!!
It started with me driving to work because I had a meeting near our house at the end of the day. When I got there, I discovered that I had forgotten my ID and my keys. So I had to use the spare key to get into the office. Then I realized that I had left my cell phone at home. How or when I realized that I had forgotten the phone was when my colleague and I went to get my car when I parked in my other co-worker's spot... and we got there... and there was no car. So I'm looking oh.. now where did I park? It was an apartment building space that the co-worker leases. Oh, maybe it is behind that one... no.. it's... not... here.. Ok, I calmly said. The car is not here. My car is gone. You've got to be kidding me. They towed my car. My colleague was like "what? where's the car?" "the car is gone." I said. "they towed it." When talking to someone else, they said how do you know they towed it, why didn't you think it was stolen? I told them we have a club and an immobilizer... unless someone hotwires the immobilizer, it is going nowhere. So I call my other co-worker to tell her that I will be late. Please tell the others at the meeting. We will just wait for our boss, whose car was in the next lot and ask him for the ride.

"Well, you are now an official Vancouverite. You've had your car towed!!" Ugh. whatever.

So I go to the meeting which is on the other end of town... the furtherest from my work. Normally, they tow cars to a spot close to work, near the Burrard Bridge. But this was not Busters. This was "In-Tow" who took my car to a lot in East Van. So my supervisor drives me to the lot, because she was towed at one of our other meetings, so she remembers it well. It took a bit to find, as it is out of the way... and I haven't even gotten out of her car and a woman is looking at me from a ticket window and says are you here for the red neon? Did you bring cash? our machines are down. No I didn't have cash!! Luckily, my "driver" had not yet left. We go to a gas station where I find an ABM and go back. Then I drove home... tired, exhausted.. went in the house and put my head against the door. "this has ... got to be... one of the worse days of my life" only to turn around to my husband handing me roses... "Okay, not the worse day, but a good way to end a bad day!!" Well it is only Monday, hopefully I've gotten the worst of it out of the way....

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MrsMKToronto said...

ahhhhh he GAVE you roses?! Nice!!