Thursday, October 12, 2006

Faithful One

How long O Lord?

Have you forgotten me?

How long must I lie in bed

feel uncomfortable

Wonder why?

Why do you seem so far away?

How long must I grope in the shadows?

Light a lamp to guide me

Shine on me

Give me hope ...

I trust in you

Faithful One

You set my heart singing

Singing of your salvation

Celebrating your unfailing love

This was written by Nicholas Wilson, based on Psalm 13. This is a bookmark that was given out at his funeral. Nicholas was the chaplain for Children and Women's Hospital in Vancouver BC. I don't know for how long. He was from England and made the journey back, and that is where he died. He had liver cancer and had been waiting for a transplant. He didn't get one and ailed while visiting family for the last time.

This poem speaks of the despair and isolation that so many people feel in their lives. Sometimes we are suffering from a physical ailment, while other sufferings involve the mind, psyche or the soul. I think that despite the ailment, the poem, like the Psalms, speaks to all aspects of the human journey of life. It is hard to rely on God and not blame Him for our sufferings and pain. I have a lady in own of my wards is also in pain. She has been depressed for the past week, but today she said she woke up with a positive attitude. Despite the constant pain in her body, she still relies on God for her strength. It is probably a number of reasons that she "feels" better, but I would like to think it is because she remembered her faith in her Faithful One. Just like Nicholas.

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MrsMKToronto said...

I thought at first you wrote that for me . but you did, and maybe you just didn't' realize it.

Very nice poem. Its true.