Thursday, June 22, 2006

Canadian? What's in a name?

So the CBC is dumping it's staple, The National, in favor of American programming. So what else is new? My paper's headline said, CBC should drop Hockey Night in Canada. ?!? What? I don't watch the show, but I know that many of my friends (and dad used to) do, so I think that might cause an uproar. The problem is that we Canadians try to copy our Southern neighbors in too many things. Being "Distinctly Canadian" nowadays .. well what does that mean?

There is a definite characteristic on a national level, but it is still defined differently depending on where you are from in Canada. Maritimers, such as myself, will say it is about community, farming/fishing, and knowing how to hold your liquor. Kitchen parties, knowing pretty much EVERY one you meet, and knowing ALL their business "because that's Jimmy's cousin's sister's husband's mother's something something... ". He's my 4th cousin!" (Ok I exaggerate, but when your friend tells you that she and her brothers are really 5th cousins, doesn't that throw you for a loop?)
But here in the West, there is a lot of multiculturalism. I wonder.. tv shows show Lady Liberty and talk about the 'American Dream'... is there a Canadian dream?

Our politics are a joke, no one aspires to be the Prime minister eh? We are very good at making fun of ourselves.. look at comedy shows on CBC... Air Farce, 22 minutes, Just for Laughs... we rock. But that's about all I see on CBC nowadays as worthwhile. And how really talks about Canadian celebrities.. They've all migrated South. Shatner, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, Dave Foley, you name a Canadian celebrity and chances are.. they live in the States.

So CBC is bumping the National... figures.

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