Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank goodness it is Friday!! I think I have been spending too much time there. And next week, I am on call.. so who knows what I will end up with. This morning was definitely an indictation though. I awoke from a dream that I was getting prepped, needles and all, for a transplant. I remember asking the medical team, my medical team that I work with, if this was necessary as I didn't remember any of this. I didn't remember needing one, I didn't even know if I was donating or recieiving a transplant. But in my dream, I was assured by one of the doctors that it was in deed necessary and we have talked about this before. I was still sceptical, but let them prep me. I just wasn't too keen on the needles and that they were trying to put on in my forehead!! Where that idea came from I have NO idea, but man... that was some dream. It did not help that I constantly woken by the rattling of my window in the rainy night, nor did it help that there was male voice fighting at 3am!!
So now it is Friday. I have had an interesting week to say the least. I will write more about that later. And... I have more boxes so that I can start the packing/purging process. I move in 2 months!! And the wedding is even before that!!

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