Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I wonder what the guy was thinking when he came home and found his door broken down, charring of his watersoaked apartment...

So this afternoon, when I got home. All I could think was that someone was burning rubber, or BBQing really badly. I was on my way to a friend's place for a group get-together and when I got out of the elevator, there were three firemen standing in our lobby. That would explain the pounding on a door that my fellow tenants and I heard near the 5th floor. So we decided we should wait to see what comes of this. Odd that this occured while I was home, there was no firealarm, so I wonder who called them.

I went outside to see what was going on.. and I looked up at the action. There was a fireman on a balcony of the 3rd floor and smoke pouring out of the window of the apartment. So I called my friend to say I'd be a bit late. Why? There's a fire in my building and the firemen broke the door down. Really? when? uh, about 2 minutes ago. But I'm on my way now...

So when I got back just now, there was a locksmith who told me where it was.. Someone left a pot on the stove. The place still reeks, but not as bad.

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