Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some times ministry happens when you aren't looking...

Some days you encounter people who touch your heart as they reach out for help... and you wonder what happened to them? How did their "soap opera/drama" play out? Today, I had one such answer. It is ironic because I had mentioned to my colleague yesterday about the people that show up in our office requesting help and you honestly don't know what to think. Well today, R showed up in my office again to thank me for my assistance in the previous incident. He told me how well things are progressing and that he is safe, happy and healthy. The situation he had come for help with was resolving nicely and unexpectedly.

After R, I went to my floor and saw a lady who attends my church. This is where the ministry happened. But not mine, hers. Here is a woman who has immense pain and yet is a strong witness for God. She spoke about how she uses her gift of "talking" in our congregation. She ministers to people who come to our church by greeting strangers and welcoming them. She told about how she has been approached by others to help them learn of the God that she loves when there are "plenty of other qualified teachers, why do they pick me"?

I sat there with tears in my eyes and I did not hide it. Not something that we want the Chaplain to do when they visit. "What is troubling you my child?" "Oh you have given me a gift, don't you know? You have reminded me that there are people who use the little they have at every chance they can. This is not something I get to hear from patients in immense pain as your condition dispenses." She continued to tell me stories of her life and how she got through her illnesses in the past, all due to her faith in God. This was a far cry from the story I heard in the next room. Another Christian lady who has been stricken with a rare and debilitating disorder. She told me she does not feel she has anything left to contribute. Oh! If only I could get these two women together... Very different perspectives on a similar circumstance.

Some times ministry happens when you aren't looking for it.. Sometimes we minister, other times we are ministered to.

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